Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Swamp' - Illustration Friday

Here's my finished entry for this weeks Illustration Friday prompt 'Swamp'. 

I wanted the house on stilts to look slightly run-down, but also lived in. I think the colours plus the light coming from the windows do this quite well. I wouldn't mind living here actually (well, apart from the dodgy flooring obviously! :D )


  1. Totally doable. Just put a level floor inside with weird-shaped storage space beneath! Great colors and really nice graphic style. I don't think I could live out there, though!

  2. The rickety ladder & the crooked house are great effects! Also love your color palette!

  3. i love your color choices! :) I haven't done and IF in MONTHS! Wedding planning is going well. Bit of a pain sometimes, not having time for other things. but we're pretty set on most things! just need flowers, linens and his suit. :)
    I've been updating a lot of my other blog www.astoriadesigns.wordpress.com if you've seen it! Wedding info there :)