Tuesday, 27 March 2012

'Swamp' - Illustration Friday

Here's my finished entry for this weeks Illustration Friday prompt 'Swamp'. 

I wanted the house on stilts to look slightly run-down, but also lived in. I think the colours plus the light coming from the windows do this quite well. I wouldn't mind living here actually (well, apart from the dodgy flooring obviously! :D )

Monday, 26 March 2012

FINALLY some personal work time!

My poor blog has been a bit neglected lately due to a rather big commission I'm currently working on, but I've made it a priority to also work on this weeks Illustration Friday too!

Here's my quick little sketch for what I want to do for the prompt 'Swamp'. A higglety-pigglety house on stilts in a murky and slightly spooky swamp land (with private jetty and boat of course!) Like I said, quick sketch for now, but hopefully it'll transform into a lovely finished piece today!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pattern time!

Yes! More patterns! Seeing as spring has pretty much sprung in England and currently the sun is shining, I've had the urge to make some more patterns.

This one I did using squares divided into quarters diagonally, then drawing it like a kaleidoscope (mirroring each section over). It's a labour of love because it's all hand drawn and doing it like this is like completing a difficult puzzle, figuring out where each shape goes in correspondance with the other shapes. I did this A LOT in my degree work, but because I was doing it every day non-stop for a year I kind of got fed up with it, but I really should do more as they'd make pretty funky fabrics! I'm going to play around with some bright colours and see what it'll turn into :D

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

'Intention' - Illustration Friday

I recently on a weekend away to Brighton with the sole intention of getting more than a bit drunk and enjoying the nightlife there. However, I found I wanted to explore the seaside more, and do the proper British things like chips on the pier, and going on funfair rides whilst eating candyfloss. Which we did and I had the most fun ever!

This is the helter skelter at the end of Brighton Pier, looks like it's fresh out of the 1950's doesn't it?

The drawing I did with pen on paper, which I scanned and coloured digitally. It was quite a challenge and rather fiddly though!