Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pattern time!

Yes! More patterns! Seeing as spring has pretty much sprung in England and currently the sun is shining, I've had the urge to make some more patterns.

This one I did using squares divided into quarters diagonally, then drawing it like a kaleidoscope (mirroring each section over). It's a labour of love because it's all hand drawn and doing it like this is like completing a difficult puzzle, figuring out where each shape goes in correspondance with the other shapes. I did this A LOT in my degree work, but because I was doing it every day non-stop for a year I kind of got fed up with it, but I really should do more as they'd make pretty funky fabrics! I'm going to play around with some bright colours and see what it'll turn into :D


  1. This would be great turned into fabric! I can't even imagine how long it took to make this but it looks wonderful :]

  2. I think they would look cool, maybe a bit retro depending on the colours too. Can you imagine them as shirts! I know a few guys who wear crazy shirts, they would love it!

  3. Awesome pattern! I agree..This would look great on shirts! I like your idea of adding some bright colors, too :)