Wednesday, 27 April 2011

the one bad thing about holidays... going home!

I nearly had to be dragged onto the plane to go home! Although I do miss the UK a bit when I'm away I could easily have stayed in Malta for another month... ah well.
Highlight of the trip was visiting the walled city of Mdina, so called 'the silent city'. Full of amazing churches, houses and teeny tiny streets (well, alleys really as you can see from the photos!) and views to die for; we had tea overlooking half of the island! Also got a horse and carriage to take us round the city as there are virtually no cars allowed, it really was an amazing place. Did a few sketches over the week and took tons of photos I can do some work from :)
Back to routine now I guess...

Monday, 18 April 2011

i'm leaving on a jet plane...

...but i know when i will be back again, next tuesday! off to malta again for a week, perfect chance to do some drawings (the moleskine was the first thing i packed!) will put them up upon my return :) have an awesomely arty week all!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

'bottled' - illustration friday

had a bit of fun with this weeks theme, had such a serious week with interviews and such i needed some fun illustration time! originally i thought about doing a bottled ship, but THEN had an idea of a hot air balloon inside a bottle instead, drifting to the top but never being able to float away... poor balloon!
if i had the patience i'd try it out for real but i know i don't. would be pretty cute though :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

new bordeaux drawings available on etsy!

browsing through some old photographs i've taken in various parts of the world, i stumbled across some i took when down in Bordeaux, France. it's one of the most beautiful and relaxed places i've ever been to, and thought some would make excellent drawings. These i've done as contour drawings (one continuous line) and i love the effect so am going to get on and do some more! both are available to buy on my etsy shop which is here.