Monday, 7 November 2011

'stripes' - illustration friday

Another quick one this week, I've been frantically crafting to get ready for a Christmas market! But here is my stag/cow (I reckon it has a very cow like face, which isn't what I wanted but hey!) ready for winter with his striped scarf :)
Incidentally, I've started crocheting a snood for myself, why buy when you can make aye?


  1. Great illo.....great minds think alike :)

  2. I need a snood! Wait, what is a snood? It sounds like a Dr. Seuss creature (in which case, I definitely need one).

    It's a great illustration, and I like the deer face! I love the scarf too, it looks very cozy. My only teeny problem with it, is that someone cut his head off to hang it on the wall. : /

  3. Love this!! Its is a deer face, don't worry! Wheres the market?

  4. hehe his eyes make him look so sweet and innocent :) awww i love his scarf :D