Friday, 11 November 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like...

...Christmas! And this year I'm in a good mood because I've actually got myself sorted out, the first year this has ever happened. My Etsy shop has been updated, and even includes a festive banner specially for my seasonal shoppers. Also, here's one of my card designs for this year (which is also available in pink, red and gold and is sold as a pack of 4, for £10) and my cute little felt hearts (2 for £6)

Not long now until my stall will be appearing at the Delapre Abbey Christmas Fair in Northampton, on the 27th of November, come visit! I've prepared tons more cards and all my Etsy stuff will be there too.

I do love Christmas :D


  1. Go you! Love the heart and the product shots :-)

  2. thank you! :D i saw your gift tags they look great! particularly the wooly socks!