Thursday, 20 October 2011

lesser mouse lemur

I've been going back to basics the past few weeks, actually using pencils and paintbrushes instead of relying on the digital stuff, and it's so bloomin' satisfying!

Here's yet another sketch from the NHM, I've become a tad obsessed with all things furry and cute since my visit. This is a Lesser Mouse Lemur, a bit like a Bush-baby really. I used watercolour, pencil and pen on paper, but messed up the tree trunk. Instead of throwing an artistic tantrum I simply cut out the lemur, cut out a trunk shape from black paper, and collaged the two together. Problem solved!


  1. hi louise, your illustrations fascinate me! they're awesome! my husband and i are animal lovers!! we had 2 dogs when we lived with his parents, but currently have a bearded dragon in our home. i just added u to my circle on Etsy and am following you on this blog!! keep drawing, you are very talented and i hope more people appreciate your work too!


  2. hi chui, thanks so much for the lovely comment! loving your embroidery work on Etsy, especially the Boston Terrier! :D x