Sunday, 7 August 2011

a sewing machine sunday

For some reason I really fancied doing some sewing this afternoon, but also wanted to do a bit of drawing... after a bit of combining the two this is what came out!

It's freehand sewing machine embroidered onto paper, which didn't rip as I was half expecting it to do thank goodness.

Rather pleased with this little experiment, I'll have to do bigger and better in the coming weeks :)


  1. I was at a friends house today admiring all of her free hand embroidery projects. It looks like so much fun! This is lovely too! Don't know if you know Jo Chambers work?? Check out studiolegohead.blogspot. think thats right or google it! I think you'll like her stuff :-)

  2. just had a peek her work is amazing! it's great fun, a bit tricky but i'm still getting used to sewing slower than usual!