Monday, 8 August 2011

ideas ideas ideas!

I have far too many ideas swimming around my head, and if I try and do all of them I'll end up forgetting where I've got to or what I still want to do. So... it's list time!

  1. Reading the wonderful Sissy Sparrows blog I saw they're creating adorable calender desktop backgrounds for their readers to download, this is SUCH a cool idea! I've wanted to do a calender for ages but printing costs scare me, this would be a fab way to do it (and my lovely blog readers would benefit too!)

  2. Tee-designs, there are so many sites where you can upload your images to and they'll be sold on t-shirts, totes... all-sorts! Should give this a go as you never know until you try!

  3. I need a proper online portfolio or website, should really get on this a.s.a.p. No excuses.

  4. DRAW BIGGER! Just bought some lovely A3 paper and need to make my images bigger, better and louder!

  5. Use more materials, I seem to have fallen into a comfort zone of drawing-scanning-tidying-colouring. Although this is fine, I need to push out of it occasionally.

  6. Re-photograph my Etsy items - The lovely Rebekah Leigh Marshall did this not too long ago and the results were stunning. Hopefully I'll be getting a new camera shortly so this is the first job it'll have!

  7. I've been reading Max Scratchmann's Illustration 101, and it's so damn useful you wouldn't believe. Such a good book if, like me, you're starting out on the scary Freelance Illustration road. Anyway, in it he talks about Portfolio Investment, doing mock-ups and voluntary work to build up your portfolio. This is one of millions of helpful hints in the book, and is something I really need to do (have already done a voluntary piece for MKPulse magazine which is being published in September, which I'm super excited about. Thanks for the tips Max!)

  8. Start actual PROJECTS, like an idea I have for a book aimed at children having to spend time in hospital. Or a series of images for an exhibition I'm hoping to plan with MK Arts for Health in the future. Stop thinking about it and do it woman!

I think that's it, any suggestions are always welcomed. Hopefully I'll have ticked these off by October. Ready... set... go!


  1. Go you! Whats this MK Arts for health thing? i'd love to do something based on Arts and health. That book sounds great, i'll have to check it out :-)

  2. PS: Thank you for the mention and the compliment about my etsy photos :-) x