Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Over and over...

Oh I do like a good pattern... this one took me a while as mirroring the birds correctly was a bit of a pain! But I'm really pleased with the outcome. The process involved a dodecahedron split into 12 isosceles triangles (yes it's rather maths heavy producing these!) and each of the 12 triangles has one image within it. It's then mirrored back to back around until the entire dodecahedron is filled.... phew! Quite labour intensive work but I adore the fact they grow almost organically in the paper. And who said maths wouldn't help in the real world?! I based the colours on oriental drawings and paintings, as I thought it would suit the delicacy of the pattern, particularly the pink against the jade :D


  1. Maths was never my strong point - who could believe it would help create such a beautiful pattern.