Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Heights' - Illustration Friday

I had such fun doing this one!

I don't have much of a head for heights, but I do love going up in skyscrapers (being inside it isn't as scary really is it?) So this week I created my own skyscraper, modelled slightly after the Chrysler building with the art-deco features.

I'd love to go to New York and head up to the top of the Chrysler building, but money-wise that sort of trip is a long way off yet! One day :)


  1. very nice...and being inside is a whole lot better. the Chrysler building is also a fave of mine! I LOVE NYC!

  2. Well not quite as scary, but have you ever used one of those elevators you can see out of? Eeep! Terrific illustration! Great job on all the little windows and other details.