Monday, 6 February 2012

Ode to Birdie

We currently have a pheasant residing in our living room... to cut a long story short we rescued it from being flattened on the road and it's nowhere near well enough to go back into the wild :( poor thing! Once the suspected broken leg has healed and it's ready to fly again we shall set him/her free (it's only a youngster so the sex is still unknown, hence the gender neutral name 'birdie'!)

Birdie has the most beautiful feathers, and some of them fall out as he/she is grooming. So i scooped some up and decided to do some studies on them. Here's my first one which is just water-colour straight onto paper, I want to loosen up my painting so no pencil sketch first (eek!)

When Birdie has been grooming again I'll collect some more I think...

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  1. That is so sweet that you rescued the little one "birdie". The watercolor is really pretty.