Thursday, 6 January 2011

happy new year!

well didn't christmas and new year go quickly?! can't believe it's all over! i hope everyone had an amazing time.
so onto 2011. i'm nearly at my 100th post which isn't bad for under a year of blogging. i have a lot of things planned for this year, mainly to be really time-conscious and proactive, plus i have started embroidery so all sorts of things shall be getting embroidered soon! i also want to get myself a proper arty job in teaching, that's my main aim for this year.
anyway here is my first make of 2011:

the pattern is from 'Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Amigurumi' which was in my stocking this year, another fantastic crochet book with really cute creatures to make! this one is going to be the first thing i've crocheted that is going to be mine, all the others have been presents (which is fine by me, i love making presents for people!)
unfortunately i'm going for surgery next week, but every cloud with it's silver lining means i'll have plenty of recovery time to draw, crochet, sew and generally be arty. see, always take the positives!
anyway, a happy and crafty new year to all!

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