Monday, 15 November 2010

NASA to space chimp one...

Ok, it's my friends birthday this weekend so another card was needed. However there is a story behind why she will find this funny! After a night on the town me and some friends were round her house and she decided to listen to her voicemail messages. One was a text that someone had sent to her landline so had the robot lady reading it. It was a joke about chimps being in space with a woman, but the text had obviously been too long for one message so we only got:

NASA has sent a woman and two chimps into space.
Radio messages were as follows:

NASA to space chimp 1 - Optimise life support systems and recalibrate radiation monitoring equipment

NASA to space chimp 2 - Check trajectory and compensate if required using formula (m2-3n) + (5-m3)

and then it stopped, and because we were hungover it was officially the funniest thing ever. We still laugh about it to this day. And that is why her card has space monkeys on it. Have a good week all!

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